Episode 3: In which I attempt to pronounce words in Norwegian

Introduction and thanks

Thanks to new members of the Ravelry group for joining, for kind messages and new subscribers on Youtube.

Huge thanks to Lena (frkbadegakk) of the A Wee Bit Knitty podcast, for her wonderful giveaway!

Also huge thanks to Angela (RainbowAnge) for sending me some embroidery floss, and more!

My tea this episode is Græn Orka (Green Energy) from Te og Kaffi.

Off the needles

Kjappstrikka drakt / Quick knit suit, by Paelas, in Sandnes Garn Alpakka Ull.

On the needles

The Flax pullover by Tincanknits, in 3-ply Snældan in Viking gold and light grey.

Hexipuffs, pattern by Stephanie Dosen, in various yarn scraps.

Hermione’s Everyday Socks, modified for a man’s size, in Sandnes Garn Sisu.


A sample of Southdown wool in the Oceana colourway, from Fondant Fibre, on my 21 g Snyder Spindles spindle from Lena!

Merino, Wensleydale and Silk top from Fondant Fibre in the Inked colourway, on my 28 g mini Turkish spindle from Kerryspindles.

Stashed: Merino, Jacob and silk punis from Fondant Fibre in the Plum colourway.

Finished both skeins of my 70% Black Welsh Mountain wool and 30% Tussah silk fibre from Hilltop Cloud, as well as the Manx Loaghtan sample.


The Ash Wednesday costume is done!


The family portrait in cross stitch is done! And I show you my Yule cross stitch. The pattern is free here!


Thinking of making either a Canopy shawl or a Farmhouse shawl.

Mr B needs a hat! Maybe a double knitted one. Any pattern suggestions?


Check out Melody’s podcast, and the new Junkyarn podcast hosted by Kemper! And here’s A Playful Day, which I’ve been loving lately.

Thanks for watching!